Our specialists are fueled by challenges. Tilton is renowned for its product quality, consistency and innovative design.

We partner with you, to help you choose the right solution among our wide range of packaging options, or to design a new custom container.

Our fields of expertise


Our industrial designers are masters in the design of distinctive, avant-garde packaging. They develop original, durable thermoformed containers that minimize raw materials use.


Tilton’s precision machining department includes several state-of-the-art CNCs. Our engineers, machinists and tool makers create new molds and thermoforming tools using the latest CAD technology, which help make our processes ever more efficient and flexible.


Tilton produces its own raw materials at internal state-of-the-art extrusion facilities that it has developed. This enables us to control ingredients used in our packaging products and to develop new compounds that provide additional flexibility (color, thickness and type of material) and which make our containers even more original, sustainable and eco-responsible.


Our flexible thermoforming production lines can perform the simplest and most complex operations. Our exceptional production capacity enables us to meet all demands, both large or small.

Quality control

Rigorous controls are key to Tilton’s success. Our packaging products are scanned at each stage of the production process and tested in the laboratory to ensure an impeccable result. Our stringent manufacturing practices meet the highest safety and cleanliness standards.

Research and development

Tilton's testing laboratory is dedicated to the development of innovative products. Our technology specialists, engineers and sales force work closely and actively to ensure that our clients benefit from the latest materials-related and technology developments.

Customer service

Tilton‘s customer service is one of our greatest sources of pride. Our proactive team is constantly seeking solutions. The team adopts wholly personalized approach to ensure that you, our partners, are satisfied.


Order follow-up

Our customer service team ensures flawless follow-up, throughout the process, to ensure quick order delivery and custom packaging development.


Our warehousing storage, product identification and palletisation system facilitates alignment between our installations and yours.


Tilton offers personalized, turnkey transportation services, with the help of its partners, using the widest range of possible solutions.