Our creative, dynamic, multi-disciplinary team will help you to develop custom packaging, adapted to your needs and designed to minimize costs and materials used.

Packaging distinguishes your products from the competition. Take advantage of our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment technology, creativity and knowledge of the latest trends to create packaging that your clients will notice.

Numerous large international brands trust Tilton to design distinctive packages that reflect their image, which meet regulatory provisions and which respect the environment.

Steps in the production of a custom package



Our team of industrial designers and engineers will develop the ideal solution, based on your specifications, which meets your needs.


Proof of concept

Our design department quickly brings your idea to life, using a 3D design which helps ensure its feasibility.



Our team of specialists chooses an optimal product design that eliminates time and material waste. They minimize costs and take into account your production constraints.



Our team produces prototypes of your “virtual” product, to facilitate testing.



Our installations can produce a short packaging run which you can use for market testing, or a larger run, suitable for a product launch.